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Defense One Today
September 22, 2022

In NYC, a Bronx Cheer for Putin, Trump, and the Aging UN
By Kevin Baron

As the General Assembly met for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden warned against nuclear war and the UN's growing irrelevance. Will he do more?

Ukraine: Russia's Draft, Setbacks Mean It's Time for More Advanced Weapons
By Marcus Weisgerber

Kyiv's winter wishlist includes long-range artillery, armored Humvees, kamikaze drones, and more.


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USAF Puts HARMs on MiG-29s, Cruise Missiles on C-130s, Cargo in B-52s
By Tara Copp

If the U.S. can't give Western jets to Kyiv, it's got a plan B.

War Is No Reason to Put Arms-Control Negotiations on Hold
By Tom Z. Collina and Angela Kellett

The possibility that Russia might use nuclear weapons in Ukraine is just one of the nuclear dangers we must address.

Today's D Brief: Putin calls up 300k troops; Biden's nuclear warning; USN, Canada sail through Taiwan Strait; Iran protests spread; And a bit more.
By Ben Watson and Jennifer Hlad


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